Family Office Operations: How to stay ahead in the digital age

Family Office Operations webinar

It's becoming increasingly difficult for family offices to meet rising family expectations. And without the right technology, it’s an insurmountable task, meaning that performance, client experience and staff satisfaction can all suffer.

So, how can family offices rise to the challenge and what are the options? Hear from our expert panel who cover:

  • The challenges around data for family offices and how to solve them
  • How to transform the client experience with better analytics and reporting
  • How technology can improve staff performance and engagement
  • The optimum make-up of a family office tech stack

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Meet the panellists

Simon Russell - Panthera Private Office
Simon Russell

Chief Executive Officer
Panthera Private Office

Niall Husbands
Niall Husbands

Managing Director
InDecision Ltd

Kathleen Henrick Landytech
Kathleen Henrick

Client Operations Director

Greg Chouette
Gregory Chouette

Chief Operating Officer