About Us

Landytech is a financial technology company incorporated in 2018 offering investment reporting solutions to asset managers, family offices and fiduciaries. The company has 40+ staff composed of developers and financial experts. We are leveraging years of experience in developing financial databases, reporting capabilities, risk analytics and software applications. We were pioneers in very large scale financial instrument databases and data processing for investors.








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Leadership based on experience

Michael Dobson -

Mike is the Chairman of the Board of Landytech. He has been Chairman of Schroders plc since April 2016, having been Chief Executive since November 2001. Prior to joining Schroders he was Chief Executive of Morgan Grenfell Group and a member of the Board of Managing Directors of Deutsche Bank AG.

Jean-Manuel Costa -

JM is Director of Landytech representing Adelie and minority investors. He is the founder of Adelie and has 15 years of experience advising and investing in financial services and technology companies. He previously worked for Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

Benjamin Moute -

Ben is our CEO and oversees all activities and strategy of the firm. He was previously Head of Investment at Schroders NFC, a multi-billion alternative asset manager. Before that, he was a partner at NewFinance Capital, a boutique alternative asset manager that he helped build and sell to Schroders.

Gregory Chouette -

Greg is our COO, he looks after our clients and is an expert in risk management. He was previously Head of Investment Risk for Schroders Multi-Asset and before that at NewFinance Capital with Benjamin. He is also a lecturer in various European universities.

Thomas Carsuzan -

Thomas is our CTO. He was previously a Senior Software Architect at Ekino, a leading software consulting company. Over the past 15 years, he addressed a multitude of digital transformation projects across many industries using latest cloud technologies.

It’s all about teamwork

Engineering Team

Back-end and front-end developers from various industries using latest technologies.

Data Team

Data engineers dealing with very large-scale datasets and data processes.

Client Team

Financial and risk experts with a background in asset management or banking.

We have gathered a diverse team of experts in Technology and Investment. We have 12 different nationalities and multiple professional backgrounds in various industries to avoid ‘a one single view’. Our teams work together with a same aspiration of building a transformational solution in an industry which has been lagging others in terms of digital transformation.