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The Investment Management Platform

Trade in manipulating spreadsheets and fighting expensive tools for one intuitive platform.


Do more in a single platform

Consolidate your data across custodians, banks, prime brokers, your PMS, or fund admin, bringing it together on one platform.

Make informed investment decisions, with performance and risk analytics powered by MSCI BarraOne and RiskMetrics.

Create automated, visually compelling reports for your clients and meet regulatory requirements with timeliness and accuracy.

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How Sesame works

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Sesame at a glance


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Open banking feeds


Managed Feeds
  • Fully managed connections to your banks & custodians with regular positions & transactions
Portfolio Management System
  • Edit any position or transaction across your private and alternative investments.
Open Banking
  • Cash accounts from 3500+ banks
Doc Drop
  • AI-enhanced document parsing (coming soon)
Ownership structure
  • Replicate your full, dated ownership structure
  • Legal entities, subsidiaries, portfolios, assets and liabilities
  • Granular right of access for users
Look-through & groupings
  • You can look-through or consolidate at any level
  • Group portfolios for "groupings" of interest
  • Group-by with any criteria
  • Delta-adjusted, duration-adjusted
  • Exclude specific asset types
  • Statistics
  • Performance contribution
  • Performance attribution
  • P&L
  • Trade reconciliations
  • Flow analytics
  • Fee analysis
Risk manage
MSCI RiskMetrics
  • VAR with incremental & portfolio full capabilities
  • Stress tests & Scenario analysis (historical & custom)
  • Predictive betas & Sensitivities
  • Pre-trade what-if simulations
  • Overrides for subjective model inputs
MSCI BarraOne
  • Multi-asset class risk capabilities
  • Best-in-class factors & analysis
Liquidity Analysis
  • Monitor trends on key liquidity risk measures
Premium reports
  • Premium reports with added data feeds


Report Builder
  • Visual components
  • Drag & Drop & Size
  • Advanced customisation
  • Design themes
Report center & scheduler
  • One-click access to your favourite reports
  • Schedule email report delivery
Report templates
  • Out-of-the-box templated reports


Premium reports
  • Premium reports with added data feeds


  • Notifications on activities & messages
  • Choose active channels for notifications


Limits & compliance alerts
  • Daily limits monitoring with alert notifications and pre-warning levels
Tasks alerts
  • Stay on top of assigned tasks with reminders
Limits editor
  • Sophisticated & unlimited rules & logics
  • Customise your own limits
  • Complex measures (advanced)
Compliance monitors
  • KPI management
  • Visualisations & Reports
  • Integrated with alerts & notifications
Regulatory templates
  • UCITS, MiFID, IPS, Risk Profiles and more
User management
  • Invite internal & external users
  • Role-based permissions
Task management
  • Assign task to colleagues & collaborate
  • Integrated with documents & pages
  • Comments & notify
Access rights management
  • Entity-level access configuration
Export any report, page or visual
  • Export to PDF, Excel or SVG


Secure document management system

Smart classification & metadata

  • any custom category
  • linked to entities & assets


Secure & back-ups
  • Azure security & encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
Upload & download in bulk including folders
  • Easy drag & drop to load and classify
Integrated with tasks & notifications
  • Collaborate on documents with tasks & create workflows with notifications


  • Brand your reports with company logo and custom theme
Custom classification
  • Your own custom classifications available in any page/report
Visual configuration
  • Edit & configure each visual including over 2,000 fields
  • Customise your account & notifications


Risk manage

You'll be in great company


Landytech's solution – Sesame – has allowed our team to understand in-depth portfolios’ risk and performance by security and industry (and numerous other factors). The analytical engine of the software is very robust, yet the product is easy to use. Landytech’s proactive efforts to manage risk, attention to detail, and responsiveness to new matters is unsurpassed.

Kepler Liquid Strategies
Guernsey-based Family Office

Following an impressive demonstration of Landytech’s offering, we asked them to pitch alongside a reputable competitor. The decision to choose Landytech was unanimous. Their offering was far superior in terms of functionality, ease of use and presentation. During the course of our relationship, Landytech have delivered exactly what they promised and more. I cannot speak highly enough of both the platform and the team.

Guernsey-based Family Office

Ever since we started Tellworth, Landytech have been a business essential service for us. They have proved to be flexible, responsive, commercial and understanding of our changing needs as we grow the business. This year with the challenges we have all faced they have really stepped up; helping us to look at risk and exposures in new ways and enabling better client relationships in the process.

Tellworth Investments
UK-based Multi Family Office

Each family’s got to look at that reporting system and feel that it is theirs. It needs to be the right colour, it needs to be branded, it needs to be white-labelled, it needs to look like it's come from our office. Landytech have mastered that well for us. For reporting to evolve, you need to work with a dynamic team growing their business with the same enthusiasm as yours so the two grow together. Landytech tick those boxes.

UK-based Multi Family Office

Brooklands have been using Landytech extensively for both Risk and Compliance. We have been very impressed with the service that has been provided and also the accuracy of the data quality. The platform has been very useful to monitor risk for all of our funds at a click of a button. 

Brooklands Fund Management
Paris-based Multi Family Office

Landytech has developed a unique tool and solution for Family Offices. Sesame allows us to monitor a wide range of assets (traditional and alternatives), multi-currencies reports, a depth of data accessible in an organised manner.

Paris-based Multi Family Office
Rhodon Investment Management

From the first meeting with Landytech, we were highly impressed by their commercial approach, efficient operating platform and experience. They have provided us with a robust risk management function that would be extremely challenging and expensive to implement within our own organisation. We were most fortunate to discover this firm and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Rhodon Investment Management
Skerryvore Asset Management

Landytech have proven to be open-minded, resourceful and trustworthy in all that they do. From the outset, they have been able to provide suggestions as to how we can best achieve our client reporting goals in a timely and accurate manner, offering innovative solutions to the challenges we face of bringing together data from disparate sources.

Skerryvore Asset Management
UK-based UHNWI

Sesame makes my life far easier. I can see everything in my portfolio in the detail I require and updated in real time – rather than a series of disparate and intermittent snapshots. Working with better information makes my investment management more effective and less stressful.

UK-based UHNWI