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Automated bookkeeping for trust companies and family offices

Build bookkeeping processes that you can scale. Receive an automated feed of all client holdings and transactions data from custodians, investment managers and banks, delivered seamlessly into your ERP or bookkeeping system. 

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Put your bookkeeping on autopilot

Manual bookkeeping takes up significant time and resources. Receive a daily feed of standardised data from your banks, investment managers and custodians to make your systems a single source of truth for investment portfolio data


Bookkeeping efficiency, delivered


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Automate your bookkeeping with Sesame Data


Connect directly to your data sources

We have active integrations with over 400 of the leading custodians, private banks, and wealth managers for investment portfolios. Our active connections are continuously increasing at a pace of one per week and can be expanded on demand based on your needs.



Receive timely and accurate data

One-stop location for all your portfolio data needs, with standardised data from all your managers and custodians in a single API. No more navigating portals, no more manual data entry.

  • Holdings: Get your list of positions with valuation, descriptive metadata, and identifiers.
  • Transactions: Retrieve all your transactions with an intuitive classification, execution pricing, and descriptive information.
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Seamless integrate with your internal systems

Integrate with your system in 3 simple steps:

  • Generate your personal access token from Sesame and renew it as frequently as you wish.
  • Connect our API to your general ledger, ERP, or portfolio management system, or even directly into BI/data aggregation tools.
  • The system of your choice will then be refreshed and running live as we receive data from each one of your banks every day.


Discover the power of automated bookkeeping