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Our next-generation software solution Sesame, empowers single and multi-family offices who manage complex wealth. Sesame delivers a streamlined, high-quality experience with automated data feed sourcing of all investment data feeds from any source e.g.: banks, custodians, hedge funds but also Private Equity, Real Estate and collectibles.

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Benefits of Sesame

  • Consolidate and view data from all sources in one place
  • Highly-secure platform with encryption protocols 
  • Covers all liquid and illiquid asset classes, including private equity
  • Comprehensive user permissioning to limit access to sensitive data
  • Seamless onboarding process


  • Granular view of fees, transactions and movements
  • Performance & risk analytics provide meaningful  insights
  • Timely and accurate client reports to help make informed decisions
  • Ability to customise views and analytics with white-label branding
  • Document management system for comprehensive audit trails

Looking for a one-stop-shop for your custodial data? Enter Sesame Data

Sesame Data is a one-stop location for all your portfolio data needs, with standardised data from all your banks and custodians delivered via a single API straight into your internal systems and applications, populating them with accurate and standardised data for downstream reporting and workflows.

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“We use Landytech for two family office structures. Following an impressive demonstration of Landytech’s offering, we asked them to pitch alongside a reputable competitor. The decision to choose Landytech was unanimous. Their offering was far superior in terms of functionality, ease of use and presentation. During the course of our relationship, Landytech have delivered exactly what they promised and more. I cannot speak highly enough of both the platform and the team.”

FB Family Office

Sesame makes my life far easier. I can see everything in my portfolio in the detail I require and updated in real time – rather than a series of disparate and intermittent snapshots. Working with better information makes my investment management more effective and less stressful.

London-based Single Family Office

"Landytech has developed a unique tool and solution for Family Offices. Sesame allows us to monitor a wide range of assets (traditional and alternatives), multi-currencies reports, a depth of data accessible in an organized manner. 

The asset aggregation and performance monitoring solution developed by Landytech also stands out for the high availability, deep financial knowledge and consistent expertise of its team. Their scalable support to meet our clients' needs is key"

Paris-based Multi Family Office

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