Transform the way you work

Illuminate the full context around your investments so your team can work from a single source of truth containing all your business-critical information.

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Keep records of the critical contacts and companies you work with

Easily retrieve up-to-date information on your most important contacts including notes from previous interactions and ongoing tasks.

  • A simple way to manage the complex matrix of people you work with
  • Keep track of all meetings, phone calls, files and notes
  • Assign tasks to Sesame users and link them directly to contacts and companies


Plan, manage and collaborate on all your work in one place

Stay organised and collaborate more effectively with tasks and notes.

  • Assign tasks to you and your colleagues and track their progress
  • Stay organised and provide your team with critical contextual information with tasks and notes
  • Link notes and tasks to any asset, portfolio, document and more within Sesame


Securely store, organise and share all your files including reports, statements and important documentation.

Keep all your documents organised, secure and easily accessible.

  • Use customised tags to sort and filter all your documents
  • Collaborate on documents with assigned tasks and create workflows with in-app notifications
  • Drag and drop your documents to instantly upload


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