Investment intelligence at your fingertips

Get a complete picture of performance, risk and exposures, in near real-time, so you can make informed investment decisions with speed and clarity.


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Receive instant insights on your levels and sources of performance

Understand the drivers and detractors of performance with more clarity than ever before.

  • Performance contribution by any grouping including sector, region, asset class and more
  • Brinson performance attribution to understand allocation and security-selection effects.
  • All the ex-post statistics you need to monitor performance over multiple time intervals


Get a complete picture of your exposures, so you can make informed allocation decisions.

Instantly identify and monitor portfolio exposure to market sectors, geographic regions, currencies and more.

  • Monitor changes in portfolio exposure and concentration in near real-time
  • Keep track of historical exposure and visualise changes over time
  • Includes delta-adjusted and duration-adjusted exposure


Keep a close eye on your trades, cash flows and fees with an integrated suite of tools.

Bring all your transactions tools under one roof:

  • Confidently fulfil DTCC reconciliations with timely, accurate and complete reporting
  • Take command of your cash flow and liquidity needs with a full view of your income and expenditure
  • Gain complete breakdowns of the fees you are being charged including management, custodian and brokerage fees


Insights to help you build institutional-grade analytics capabilities



Factors for Family Offices: Seeing Portfolio Risk Through a New Lens
MSCI's Sam Rubandhas and Landytech’s Gregory Chouette and Ramis Kumar demystify risk factors and how they affect multi-asset class portfolios, so family offices can get a deeper lens into what's driving their portfolio risk.
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Portfolio analytics: Why cloud solutions are the future
The need to manage large volumes of data and perform complex calculations at speed have left many firms’ legacy systems and outdated technology struggling to keep up.  It’s time to take to the cloud. 
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