Never miss a limits breach in your portfolio

Create limit rules and set daily alerts so that you know when something has changed in your portfolio. Keep a hawk eye on your compliance and regulatory obligations.

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Portfolio Analytics Landytech


Receive warnings and breach alerts when they matter most

Create soft and hard limits for anything you want to monitor in your portfolio and receive daily alerts for any breaches. So you and your team can get straight to investigating and taking corrective action.

  • Alerts for performance KPIs, risk, exposure, allocations, regulatory limits and more
  • Customise your own limits
  • Set pre-warning levels so you can take action before any hard breaches
  • Instant notifications and email alerts to you and your team


Use limit rules and daily alerts to stay ahead

Manage all your compliance and regulatory obligations in one place, backed by timely and accurate data you can trust.

  • Includes UCITS, MiFID, ISDA, Product Risk Profiles, Investment Policy Statements and more.
  • Use soft limits to identify and resolve issues before they become breaches
  • Instant notifications and email alerts so you and your team can take quick action

“Brooklands have been using Landytech extensively for both risk and compliance. We have been very impressed with the service that has been provided and also the accuracy of the data.”

Brooklands Fund Management