All your data, in one place

Stop spending hours sourcing, cleaning and consolidating data. Seamlessly integrate data for all your investment and assets in one platform.

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multi-layer data consolidation


Trade in manual processes for intentional data architecture

Securely connect and enrich data from all your banks and custodians for a single source of truth.

  • 400+ custodian data feeds
  • 3,500+ banks through open banking
  • Intelligent ETLs with rigorous validations
  • Automated data synchronisation
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Seamlessly integrate your private and real assets

Connect anything from private equity and direct investments to real estate and collectibles. View all your public and private assets in one place:

  • Any asset, any currency, any location
  • Portfolio management system for private and real assets


Visualise even the most complex ownership structures

Map your ownership structure across all legal entities such as trusts, LLCs, foundations and personal accounts to individual assets and liabilities.


“Sesame makes my life far easier. I can see everything in my portfolio in the detail I require and updated in real time – rather than a series of disparate and intermittent snapshots.”

London-based Single Family Office


Insights to help you build intentional data architecture for investment management


21 Sep 2023 | BLOG

How your family office should be sourcing wealth data

Family offices now manage complex, multi-asset-class portfolios, with fragmented data sources that comprise disparate, non-standardised data sets. How can these data sourcing challenges be overcome?


8 Sep 2023 | WHITEPAPER

Automated Bookkeeping for Trustees

Discover the key challenges associated with manual bookkeeping, the data architecture needed for automation and how bookkeeping automation can serve as a foundation for the digitalisation of other trustee services.


3 Jul 2023 | BLOG

The data revolution: unlocking potential for trustees

Here are three ways the data revolution is helping trustees futureproof their operations and expand their service offering.