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Maximise investment outcomes with a unified view and timely insights into performance, risk and exposure across your multi-asset portfolio.


Sesame for Asset Owners

Designed for the unique requirements of institutional investors, our investment management platform facilitates complete portfolio oversight and compliance with regulatory standards.

Family Offices
Pension & Sovereign Wealth Funds
Endowments & Foundations
Corporate Treasuries
Insurance Companies

A platform for managing even the most complex portfolios

How asset owners get a strategic vantage point with Sesame



All your data in one place

Efficiently aggregate and standardise data across multiple custodians and asset classes, including complex instruments. Sesame supports seamless incorporation of both public and private assets, ensuring a holistic view of your investments.



Portfolio analytics you can trust

Leverage advanced analytics to assess performance and risk across diverse asset classes. Our integration with leading risk management frameworks, including MSCI BarraOne, enables precise evaluation of your investment strategies’ effectiveness.



Save hours on report creation

Transform reporting with our customisable templates, designed to meet the stringent requirements of institutional stakeholders. From detailed cash flow analysis to regulatory compliance reports, streamline your reporting process without compromising depth or accuracy.



Gain complete portfolio oversight

Never miss a beat with Sesame's comprehensive portfolio monitoring. Our platform offers advanced alerts and limit settings, facilitating effective governance and rapid decision-making. Combined with the Collaboration Hub for granular team workflow management, asset owners can stay informed about everything going on in their portfolio and enable their team to take action ahead of time.

Unparalleled Security

Sesame utilises advanced security measures to protect your investment data, offering encryption, strict access control, and ongoing monitoring. This ensures a secure environment for institutional investors, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of investment operations with peace of mind.

Engineering team

Qualified professionals

Our team comprises highly qualified professionals with extensive investment experience, enabling us to deeply understand the strategic requirements of our clients. We work collaboratively with you, providing the knowledge and resources needed to achieve their investment goals with autonomy and efficiency. 

Landytech Data Team

Seamless onboarding

We ensure a smooth implementation with meticulous planning and systematic execution, keeping the lines of communication open throughout the process. Our approach guarantees not just seamless system integration but also continuous, dedicated support to navigate any challenges and maximise the value of your investment. 

Landytech Client Team

Frequently asked questions

How much does Sesame cost?
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Our pricing structure is customised to cater to the complex needs of institutional investors, considering factors such as the scale of managed assets, number of portfolios, and user access levels. For a precise quotation tailored to your institution's requirements, please contact us directly, and a member of our team will assist you.

What level of report customisation is available?
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Our advanced report builder allows institutional clients to create fully customised reports. This includes incorporating your institution's branding, such as logos and colour schemes, ensuring reports meet the high standards of your marketing and communications departments. 

Do you offer a demo account or trial to see what the platform has to offer?
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Currently, we do not offer a generic demo account due to the bespoke nature of our service. However, we provide personalised demonstrations of our platform, tailored to the specific needs and interests of institutional investors. Request a demo here to see how our solutions can be aligned with your investment management strategies. 

How is data secured in Sesame?
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Our platform is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, utilising its comprehensive range of security tools to ensure the highest levels of data protection. We adhere to best practices in data confidentiality, integrity, and availability, with a commitment to transparent and accountable security processes.

How do you consolidate private assets?
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We offer a specialised portfolio management system designed for the unique challenges of managing private assets. This includes a range of private investments, from co-investments to tangible assets, with features for bulk data import, transaction logging, and valuation updates.

What reports can I create?
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Our platform supports a wide variety of templated and customisable reports, covering aspects such as holdings, cash flows, performance analytics, allocations, and risk assessments. Our report builder enables the creation of comprehensive, scalable reports to support decision-making processes. 

How does the platform assist with meeting global financial regulatory requirements?
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Our platform is designed to ensure institutional investors meet global financial regulations. It features built-in compliance checks and limits, real-time monitoring, and reporting tools that adapt to regulatory changes, helping institutions stay compliant with jurisdictions worldwide.


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