All your data in one place

Create transparency and operational efficiency with a single source of truth for all your data, all protected with the highest standards of security.


Better and faster data, at scale



A golden source of truth for your data

A single platform for all your data, validated and enriched daily with the latest market and reference data, to fuel your analysis and reporting workflows.



Consolidate private assets

Seamlessly integrate data for private equity, hedge funds, real estate and collectibles with publicly listed assets for a complete overview of wealth and portfolio performance.

Landytech Trust FO ownership structures


A full view of ownership structures

Get full transparency into complex, multigenerational family structures from legal entities, subsidaries, and portfolios, right down to individual assets and liabilities. 



A safe place for all your documents

Use Sesame's document management system to securely store PDF reports, statements and other supporting documents. Tag and classify so you can retrieve them with ease.

Other use cases for Family Offices

What our clients say


Brooklands have been using Landytech extensively for both Risk and Compliance. We have been very impressed with the service that has been provided and also the accuracy of the data quality. The platform has been very useful to monitor risk for all of our funds at a click of a button. The ability to carry out various stress testing (including Covid scenarios) has been very useful to our clients. Finally, the reporting tool has been very important to us and this serves multiple purposes, for example using it for our monthly fund factsheets or for best execution monitoring on the compliance side.

Brooklands Fund Management
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Each family’s got to look at that reporting system and feel that it is theirs. It needs to be the right colour, it needs to be branded, it needs to be white-labelled, it needs to look like it's come from our office. It unsettles a family if the output is a different colour or from a different source to everything else. Landytech have mastered that well for us. For reporting to evolve, you need to work with a dynamic team growing their business with the same enthusiasm as yours so the two grow together. Landytech tick those boxes.

Panthera Private Office

Landytech has developed a unique tool and solution for Family Offices. Sesame allows us to monitor a wide range of assets (traditional and alternatives), multi-currencies reports, a depth of data accessible in an organized manner. 

The asset aggregation and performance monitoring solution developed by Landytech also stands out for the high availability, deep financial knowledge and consistent expertise of its team. Their scalable support to meet our clients' needs is key.

Paris-based Family Office

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