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Discover the power of seamless custodied investment data integration with the launch of the Sesame Data Developer Portal. The portal is designed to empower developers with the API tools, documentation and resources necessary to streamline integration and create data-driven business processes quickly and easily by leveraging our connectivity with over 400 custodians.  

Sesame Data: Unlock the power of your data – and your teams 

Sesame Data allows firms to effortlessly source and integrate custodied investment data into their internal bookkeeping and reporting systems. By providing a single API that connects to over 400 custodians, we make it possible to drive down costs and build scalable data management processes. Our Developer Portal is the latest step in our commitment to simplifying the complexities of investment data integration for developers around the globe. 


Reference architecture for Sesame Data

Introduction to the Sesame Data Developer Portal 

We've titled this section "Introduction" for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the Sesame Data Developer Portal is an exhaustive resource that can't be fully summarised in a single blog post. Secondly, we want to encourage you to explore it on your own with our informative guides and videos. That said, our Client Success and Support teams are here to help you navigate the portal and get started with your development journey. 

The Sesame Data Developer Portal is a command centre for developers looking to build integrations with the Sesame Data API. With a focus on ease of use and accessibility, the portal offers a range of learning resources and tools for both beginners and experienced users of the Sesame Data offering. 

Let’s briefly go over the two main aspects of the portal. 

Sesame Data Experience - Everything you need to monitor and manage your Sesame Data API calls and tokens


An advanced walkthrough of the Sesame Data Experience

We built the Sesame Data Experience to allow innovators to get started quickly and easily. It acts as a command centre at every stage of the Sesame Data integration process, providing the tools, documentation and resources necessary to connect to more than 400 custodians through one API. 

Whether it’s testing a new endpoint, managing your access tokens or monitoring API call logs, the Sesame Data experience is where you can control how Sesame Data underpins and interacts with your internal bookkeeping and reporting systems. 

Take a quick self-guided tour of the experience ->

API Documentation - Quickly get started with integration and troubleshooting any errors 


An example of API documentation for the Holdings endpoint 

As part of the Developer Portal, we have launched publicly available technical documentation in a single centralised knowledge base, giving users easy access to resources that will enable you to setup, manage and troubleshoot Sesame Data API connections. Documentation will always be updated to account for the latest releases, so you can quickly recognise and make any changes to your API calls. 

Powering the future of multi-custodial data integration 

The Sesame Data Developer Portal offers a wealth of tools and resources for developers, with an emphasis on accessibility and ease of use, ensuring that you can achieve seamless integration even more quickly and easily.  

With the new portal, you can unlock the full potential of your custodied investment data, streamlining processes and freeing up valuable resources to focus on what matters most. 

"Sesame Data has revolutionised our data consolidation process, allowing us to automatically source accurate, comprehensive data directly from our clients' custodians. This automation has not only reduced our manual data processing, but also enables our team to dedicate more time to providing expert, data-driven advice to the charities we support, enhancing the value we deliver." 

Lynn Pates, Co-founder, Charity Intelligence 

If you’re interested in seeing how Sesame Data’s Developer Portal can help your engineering team rapidly innovate and make your time to value with our API product even quicker, reach out to us today to get started.  

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