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    19 Jul 2022 |

    How Sesame is Rewriting the Playbook for Trust Companies

    Sesame isn’t just changing the game for trust companies; it’s rewriting the playbook. A complete redefinition of how fiduciaries create and deliver value, so they can create operational alpha and deliver exceptional client service for generations to come.
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    1 Jun 2022 |

    How Sesame Revolutionises Reporting for Asset Managers

    As investor service expectations evolve in their pursuit of clearer insights, new risk metrics and visually compelling reports, asset managers need the on-demand flexibility to keep up.  Find out how Sesame revolutionises reporting for asset managers.
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    10 Mar 2022 |

    Portfolio analytics: Why cloud solutions are the future

    The need to manage large volumes of data and perform complex calculations at speed have left many firms’ legacy systems and outdated technology struggling to keep up.  It’s time to take to the cloud. 
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